DAMPP-CHASERS have Hundreds of Uses...

benefits for shoes and clothing


Extends the life of  clothing and shoes in  closets and wardrobe 

benefits for linens


 Ensures linens stay   fresh-smelling and   mildew-free


benefits for food storage



Keeps food dry, fresh and  crisp in  pantry 


benefits for kitchens and laundry rooms


Stops musty smells    under sinks and in  laundry rooms



benefits for RVs

Keeps rvs and campers fresh-smelling and dry


benefits for boats


 Rids boats of musty   smells and mildew


benefits for sheds

Protects valuables in backyard sheds and rented storage units


benefits for sporting gear


Protects stored sporting equipment from mildew and musty smells



benefits for film and stamp collections

Protects stamp collections, photos & antique books from deterioration   


benefits for hunting gear

Protects valuable gun collections from  rust and corrosion


benefits for tools


Protects tools from rust in damp storerooms



benefits to vintage vehicles

Protects stored vintage cars and motorcycles from corrosion