Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the Dehumidifier eliminate dampness, mold, mildew, musty odors, and rust?

Dampp-Chaser Dehumidifiers warm and dry the moist air in storage areas where they are installed near the floor. Warm air, being lighter, rises to the upper section of the closet. At the same time, colder, moist air sinks to the bottom. This creates a constant circulation of air within the storage space. Hence, besides lowering the humidity, the Dampp-Chaser ensures that air in the closet is not stagnant. By preventing stagnancy, the Dampp-Chaser prevents mold and mildew as these organisms grow quickly in moist, stagnant air. As the warm, dry air expands in the closet, pressure inside will be slightly higher than ambient. This pressure differential pushes stale air out of the closet and fresh air seeps in to replace the void. This air-changing process removes musty smells, keeping the air fresh and clean.

Q. Must the storage area be made air-tight?

The Dampp-Chaser is designed to work in a confined space. However, you do not need to make your storage areas completely air-tight. The small gaps found at the door of the storage area will allow moist, stale air to escape.

Q. Dampp-Chasers dehumidify by a heating process. Will they burn or scorch ?


No, the Dehumidifier will not burn or scorch. It gently heats to a maximum 125 degrees Fahrenheit which will increase the temperature in the storage area by only 2 to 4 degrees.

For maximum effectiveness, keep the area around the Dehumidifier clear so it can circulate the air; do not smother the rod with clothes or other items.

Q. Are Dampp-Chasers safe?

Dampp-Chasers are completely safe! The Dehumidifier is UL Certified for safety and has continued to meet the stringent safety standards of electrical testing agencies worldwide since the product's invention in 1947.

Q. What is the cost to operate?


Energy consumption is very low. In the U.S., the electrical cost ranges from 3 cents to 10 cents per day, depending upon the wattage of the Dehumidifier (18-inch: 12 -watts; 24-inch: 15-watts; 36-inch: 25-watts; 48-inch: 35- watts).

Q. How long will the Storage Dehumidifier last?

The Dampp-Chaser is guaranteed to last for 10 years and we are confident you will enjoy the benefits of this product long after the guarantee expires! In the unlikely event the Dehumidifier fails to heat, return it for an immediate free replacement.

Q. Is the Dehumidifier difficult to install?

It is very easy to install! Mounting clips, screws, and a ten-foot cord are included with the Dampp-Chaser. Using a screwdriver, simply mount the unit on the baseboard or near the floor of the storage area. Plug it in and forget it!

Mounting Options

Mount the DAMPP-CHASER horizontally on the wall near the floor or simply set it on the floor of the storage area. Keep area around the rod clear to allow maximum air circulation.